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Shabazz Napier is “Starving”, For Only 1 Penny a Day You Can Save His Life…

Shabazz, please do all the students that have to work their way through college a favor and shove the longest cucumber ever grown up your asshole. Good for you for playing a game in exchange for a free education, oh and also FREE FOOD WHENEVER YOU WANT IT.

But you are embarrassing everyone from your particularly privileged state (Massachusetts) by saying that you go to sleep hungry. Plus, like every other college in the nation, you can get unlimited free food from any campus dining hall from 7am-7pm.

First, you should have also considered working as well…ever in your life to afford the full cost of education. Plus, you’re not even black, you’re lightskinned. I didn’t even play basketball at UW, much less play for an NCAA championship team, and I could’ve had a different random bitch off the street cook for me every night of the week. I usually did too.

I’m being harsh on this particular player but athletes are given far too many advantages to demand more. What could be an argument for them however, is a claim to personally branded products such as jerseys.


Being “Real”

One thing I think we can all agree on is that the being “real” claim is thrown around a LOT. It seems to me like it’s a battle to see who’s definition appeals to the most thottie pies. The implication here then, is that there are groups of people who have very different definitions of the concept. Here are the fun groups that I’ve come to know and love:

Rich people that wear boat shoes but don’t necessarily own a boat:image

These people look down on anyone at all that uses this as lifestyle descriptor. Their take is that everyone is inherently real and one person cannot be more genuine than the next. I believe that this is mostly due to their inexperience with groups outside of their weekly tea parties. Since most or all of their life has been spent with boujie elites they are solely accustomed to the wholehearted “means to an end” approach to life.

Poor people with too many kids at their age and no education:


These people call themselves real as a way to validate their struggle. It’s not to say that their adversity is not legit, I’m saying it’s more so a way to elevate their problems beyond the other people they went to high school with. A lot of the time I see peers, who made some… questionable choices early in life, (such as having retarded amounts of unprotected sex and dropping out of school) describing themselves as real. Truly, a sad and toxic way to think.

Rappers with millions of dollars but not enough to give back to the community in which they grew up:


This is my favorite. Emcees, who are supposed to be the storytellers of their culture, finding the need to repeatedly remind their listeners that they’re not lying. The main reason for this, though, which almost makes it excusable, is that most rappers will lie out of their gaping buttholes in order make it to the industry level. Most of the time they’re amping up how much money they actually have because having money obviously makes one real no matter what. At the same time, Eminem, considered by many to be the best rapper alive or dead, is the biggest exaggerator in hip hop history, and he hardly ever speaks to his money at all. So in rap, being real is generally about speaking more truth than anyone else.

Artsy people that hang out with minorities for the cultural experience:


In the world of modern art, or should I say, complete randomness, an honest piece of work is profound. So profound in fact, that artists will literally jizz themselves on site. Generally speaking, one could say art is respected more if the creator has taken his or her background and produced something worldly. Real in this sense means that someone of a different air is validating another based upon his or her assumed credibility. And for that, this is probably the most ironic of all the interpretations of realness.

Super thought-provoking conclusion:

I’d mention the religious take but personally, I’ve never heard of any church going people comparing their situations to each other. I also don’t believe that anyone without a structural basis for their actions can claim any sort of methodology other than situational influences.

In conclusion, nothing is real except for my fist passing through your face.


The Orators

Local music is what fills the informational gap that higher education and news media leave out. To me, scholars, for the most part, are closeted, privileged, lifetime members of upper class society that write research books on topics unrelated to their personal experiences. The news is a politically charged, corporate interest fueled machine that relays stories through women with big tits and men with Don Draper haircuts. If you want to know the full picture what’s going on in your city, get educated.

Local artists are the people that can best articulate everyday life to the public. They are the orators of real issues. The outspoken artist can really connect to their audience and is considered good because they are speaking to relevant, relatable topics. 

It’s getting harder for us to make an impact though. It ain’t easy trying to make a living and find time to catalogue life, take it from me. Employers don’t exactly like to hire artists, also known as people with strong opinions, either. This music shit can break you.

Today’s audiences demand an increasingly abstract and well-produced product too. Music takes time, and with the trendy addiction to globalization, it’s much faster to find something that imitates authentic connectedness with aesthetically pleasing content on the internets. It’s easy to skip over the local scene and find music that creates a feeling of something real.

I feel strongly on the topic because I studied at one of the top universities in the world and have worked with broadcast and print media. But people need to support artists from their own neighborhoods. A lot of “real” music fans claim that they hate the radio for its facelessness but not supporting local is exactly the cause of the homogenized music that gets played on those stations.

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Blind Threats (clean) - Schoolboy Q ft. Raekwon

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Blind Threats (clean)

by Schoolboy Q ft. Raekwon
album Oxymoron

“Sewer full of shit when the toilet digests from the cop raid, All can relate, from the streets to the wall, from niggas to compadres, When the sun go down I’m predicting a heatwave, forecast your whole body, heat on, room full of homis, I just pray that the Lord got me”

Schoolboy Q dropped another record off Oxymoron, his 3rd studio album due next week. This one is fairly cool with the bells and sample keeping things mellow. It definitely sounds like a Raekwon / Slaughterhouse type song. Smoovy for the most part. I like the intro and the verse is kinda dope. One for the bangers.

Howeeever…this is some bogus shit at times man. Q puts his faith in God but won’t die in vain. Ok. But the whole concept of “Blind Threats” seems to be him asking for help from God but not having faith in his word?

Also, what the fuck did Raekwon say? Tuna, Lincoln, kingpin, knife, fork, Benz. SHITTY VERSE.