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Ball - Stalley

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by Stalley

This song from @Stalley is mediocre but it’s definitely the most original piece to come out today. He really does come with the hooping bars on this one. Plus he has that chest ass voice saying “BALL, BALL, BALL” all through the hook.

"I was the dude who practiced

With his back to the basket

So I could be Magic hook shot tragic

Converses classic

Anywhere on the key you shoot I’ll match it

That’s basic ball”

I’m really gonna try to do music reviews daily now


Crazy - Lil Boosie

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by Lil Boosie

With the suburbanization of hip hop, mostly due to the rise of the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to hear a record, like “Crazy”, that’s authentically based in the struggle. That’s not to say that crime, as it is, or murder specifically (of which Boosie has been convicted of), is inherently commendable, it’s more that I’m fucking sick of hearing these fluffy bunny rabbit ass emcees’ raps about their decadent birthday cake lifestyles. I’ve been called crazy plenty of times myself and I think a lot of it comes down to a group’s level of resistance to the bourgeois state of mind. The people with the money pay for happy music, the people with little or no money can’t fully support music that speaks for the majority of Americans. Sound familiar?

Boosie brings three hot verses over a decent trap beat from B-Real.

"They say that I’m crazy

And sometimes, I feel like I’m crazy

But I know I’m not crazy

And my mistakes don’t make me this the way God made me”


10 Reasons You Can’t Think For Yourself

1. You were raised by republicans
2. You trust the law, even when you don’t agree
3. You believe everything in the news
4. You think your boss best deserves his position
5. You don’t spend extended periods of time in complete solitude
6. You do not honor your past
7. You make up your mind before hearing all sides of a story
8. You judge your success based on the social status of your peers
9. You are afraid to suffer for enlightenment
10. You read lists like this