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10 Reasons You Can’t Think For Yourself

1. You were raised by republicans
2. You trust the law, even when you don’t agree
3. You believe everything in the news
4. You think your boss best deserves his position
5. You don’t spend extended periods of time in complete solitude
6. You do not honor your past
7. You make up your mind before hearing all sides of a story
8. You judge your success based on the social status of your peers
9. You are afraid to suffer for enlightenment
10. You read lists like this

Finally got everything I need set up to finish this next tape

Sample of one of my beats I made for the tape in the back

Is anyone else utterly disgusted with these fine ass white, cum guzzling college girls twerking for Martin Luther King Day? Me neither. I mean SHIIIT sign me up for grad school wherever this is at. Obviously any female doing any sort of twerking: black, white, brown, magenta or whatever, is setting back the push for female equality. I’m all for it. The best part of it all is the people commenting on this video: "that’s not even twerking" or "these white girls don’t have any ass". Thank you for also setting back racial equality as well.

All in a days work for white males, who by the way, are now the second least educated group in America.